The secret of being a great translation project manager

translation project management software

The secret of being a great translation project manager

We continue our series of posts about translation management, project managers, and how translation project management software can transform your workflow in a translation agency. Let us remind you what we talked about in our previous posts:

Today we want to focus on the secret of being a great translation project manager. 

A project manager is a key link in any translation project.

As you may know, communication is crucial to the success of any translation project. Every member of the translation team needs to know all the project milestones. An efficient project manager interacts with the translation team to address linguistic and technical obstacles at each essential point.

To keep you from wondering what has happened with your translation project once you hired your translation team, a good Project Manager will provide customized reports and status updates throughout the project.

A project manager monitors compliance with deadlines.

A project manager assumes responsibility for the timely delivery of the client’s translation project. A professional translation project manager is involved throughout the project and ensures that deadlines are respected. 

A project manager can use translation projects, translation jobs, and client projects calendars to keep track of all stages of work and meet deadlines. Since a project manager can handle quite a few projects at once, it would not be easy to keep track of everything at once without special software. You would need a lot of tools for each kind of translation management task. Translation management software makes this job a lot easier and simplifies the workflow since there is access to everything needed in one place.

A project manager y for ensuring sustained improvements related to all the translation processes

A project manager manages the translation workflow, software, and files throughout a translation project to succeed. A project manager customizes the translation workflow based on the requirements of the particular project. When a translation project is completed, a project manager enters the final data into the project history and adds notes into the translation project management software to use this experience later and improve future projects.

Projetex translation project management software

Projetex is a translation project management software and a must-have tool for translation agencies. Projetex considerably simplifies managing translation business and workflows. The software lets you collect vital info about your clients and prospects to receive more orders for translation or localization. You can also manage applicants, in-house and freelance translators, create translation teams easily.

Finances management in Projetex

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TO3000 translation management software for freelance translators

Use Translation Office 3000 (TO3000) is the magic wand that helps freelance translators with accounting and translation jobs management, assists in organizing workflow, and reduces daily administrative routine. TO3000 allows focusing on the translation, not administration.

Clients management in TO3000

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