You need a translation management system, and here is why.

You need a translation management system, and here is why.

You need a translation management system, and here is why.

A translation management system (TMS) is software designed to support the translation workflow. It helps to effectively build relationships with your prospects, convert them into clients, track the translation projects’ progress, and reduce manual tasks through automation. 

There are different translation management systems, depending on the size of the translation business. There are both more sophisticated systems to manage the activities of large translation agencies with hundreds of employees and simplified professional software for freelance translators. 

Let’s look at some stages of the project manager’s workflow and see how the translation management software could simplify the work.

Handling clients' requests.

One of the essential parts of a translation project manager’s job is communication with clients. The project manager has to provide the client with prices and deadlines quickly. The translation management system makes it possible to generate an offer as soon as possible. 

Translation management systems such as Projetex or TO3000 let you enter all prices in the database. You can also use templates to generate an offer in a few clicks. You can also look at the comments in the client’s profile and their previous orders to recall the history of your relationships. 

Preprocessing files for a project.

The project manager should deal with all the project files, determine who does what and share the files with the team. It’s very convenient to manage files using the translation management system. Here are why:

  • You can gather all relevant documents in one place.
  • It makes reviewing files more effortless.
  • You can control your team’s information access.
  • It helps you manage document versions and allows you to restore the previous versions of translated documents.

Without professional software, it’s easy to get confused and lose your focus.

We will continue to look at all the benefits of the translation management system in the next post. Still, now we would like to talk about software that will make project management in your translation agency a lot easier.

Projetex translation management system.

Projetex is a leading translation management system for translation agencies. It dramatically simplifies managing business processes and corporate workflows. The software allows you to interact with potential clients and customers, applicants, corporate and freelance translators more effectively. It becomes much easier to manage finances and keep track of all the processes in the translation agency, making them more productive.

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Translation Office 3000 translation management system for freelance translators

Translation Office 3000 (TO3000) is a smart translation management tool created for freelance translators. It will help you with accounting, translation jobs management, support you in organizing your workflow and reduce your daily administrative routine.

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