I am, as you may look up, a TO3000 user since ages. And completely happy, with the product and the support you are offering. You're number 1 ;)

Vito Smolej, Germany

Vito Smolej, GermanyTranslation Office 3000

Great service, thanks for the prompt reply! Best regards, Johannes

Johannes Schwab, Germany

Johannes Schwab, GermanyAnyCount

Thanks, Alexey. Your solution worked perfectly.

Tarun Agarwal, India

Tarun Agarwal, IndiaAnyCount

I am using TO3000 since the beginning of this year, and everything works great – I am very happy with it. It really saves me a lot of time.

Titia Meesters, Netherlands

Titia Meesters, NetherlandsTranslation Office 3000

This is just great to access it [client or freelancer FTP folder] directly from Projetex!! …Congratulations for this good initiative!

Philippe Carino, France

Philippe Carino, FranceProjetex

Es ist recht verbreitet und wird auch in größeren Firmen oft benutzt – was es zur offiziellen Abrechnungsgrundlage qualifiziert. [It is quite common and is also used in larger companies, which qualifies it to be an official settlement basis.]

akademie.de staff, Germany

akademie.de staff, GermanyAnyCount

Projetex is a system that has become an integral part of our daily work routine. It has allowed us to be more efficient, organized and overall productive. Most importantly, the support provided by AIT staff is outstanding. We have never regretted our decision to purchase Projetex.

Michael Kramskiy, Israel

Michael Kramskiy, IsraelProjetex

こんなツールを待っていた! 見積、ジョブ、請求書、統計などが1つのワークフローに統合されているため、忙し い仕事に追われて「しまった、あれをやり忘れた!」ということがありません。翻訳 家の方はどなたでも、1度試す価値あり!です。 今年一番のお奨めツール。 [I have been waiting for this tool for such a long time! Since Estimate, Jobs, Invoices, Analysis are all integrated in one tool, it will never happen to you saying “Opps! I forgot to do it!” If you are a translator, it is worth trying at least once. It is the best finding of the year.]

Yuka Abe, Italy

Yuka Abe, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

I am making great progresses with Translation Office 3000 and I really don’t know how I have succeeded without it till now! Also I would like to mention that support service provided is amazingly helpful, unbelievably fast and friendly efficient.

Ana Cabral, Portugal

Ana Cabral, PortugalTranslation Office 3000

…we think your project management software is the best that is out there for us translators and project managers.

Claudia Brandt, Germany

Claudia Brandt, GermanyProjetex

Many thanks for your upgraded version, my sincere congratulations to you!

Scott Li, Hong Kong

Scott Li, Hong KongProjetex

I’ve been using translation 3000 software for a couple of years and I simply LOVE it!

Amanda B. Calleri, Italy

Amanda B. Calleri, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

We have been using Projetex for one year now and it meets our requirements perfectly. Great value for money!

Jan Rada, Czech Republic

Jan Rada, Czech RepublicProjetex

This program saved my life! With the 6.0 version, the counts were so much lower because of the graphics. Thank you so much!

Lulu D. Murphy, USA

Lulu D. Murphy, USAAnyCount

I love using T3000 – it’s saved me lots of time and improved my productivity by leaps and bounds!

Damian Brandt, Germany

Damian Brandt, GermanyTranslation Office 3000

We introduced Projetex – an ERP especially designed for the translation industry – in 2006, which was a milestone for us in terms of tracking and monitoring our projects. Thanks to Projetex we have been able to record and log all details of our projects relating to our in-house expert team, freelancers and clients. Projetex now plays a crucial part in our daily work in keeping our administration and project management on track…. After two years of work with Projetex, we safely recommend it to market players in the localization industry wanting to make workflow more organized, effective and transparent.

Andras Szalay-Berzeviczy, Hungary

Andras Szalay-Berzeviczy, HungaryProjetex

Projetex is not only a perfectly functional product, it is also fully scalable and its users do not even have to have any special computer skills to modify the default database settings to suit their needs. Everything is perfectly transparent and can be achieved within a few mouse clicks. (…) Projetex is the best value for money you can get worldwide and SMART Translations have certainly benefitted from purchasing it.

Stanislav Pokorny, Czech Republic

Stanislav Pokorny, Czech RepublicProjetex

I have been using Projetex 7 since January 2009 and from then, every single project of my company has been recorded in its database. Projetex 7 has allowed me to check my company´s workflow, unfolding the whole picture of either my clients and their projects necessities. Projetex 7 has been ever since an excellent tool for my company and for all those professionals translators, interpreters, in-house and freelance project managers, who work with us, helping to keep all those complex data regarding incomes, outcomes and other data updated.

Sandro Ruggeri Dulcet, Brazil

Sandro Ruggeri Dulcet, BrazilProjetex

I switched to Translation Office 3000 last week for my language services invoicing and project tracking needs. I was impressed by its ease of use. It seems you have your ear close to the real world of language services.

Dan Frett, Belgium

Dan Frett, BelgiumTranslation Office 3000

Es ist recht verbreitet und wird auch in größeren Firmen oft benutzt – was es zur offiziellen Abrechnungsgrundlage qualifiziert. [It is quite common and is also used in larger companies, which qualifies it to be an official settlement basis.]

Carmen L. Saenz, United States

Carmen L. Saenz, United StatesTranslation Office 3000

Your product allows us to manage proposals, projects, and billing from one central location. In addition, we can record all contacts with freelancers and customers and can easily see what is going on. And your price for the product cannot be beaten. Did I mention that the support was A-1? Thanks for an excellent product!

Orrock Translation, Germany

Orrock Translation, GermanyProjetex

This is an extremely useful tool for translators. Congratulations!!!

Evdoxia Renta, Greece

Evdoxia Renta, GreeceTranslation Office 3000

Unbelievable that service!! I’m very happy to have decided for Anycount!

Annette Merx, Germany

Annette Merx, GermanyAnyCount

This tool is exactly what I was looking for.

Francesco Pugliano, Italy

Francesco Pugliano, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

I’m now successfully using Projetex 7.0. I’m so happy to see the improved “Search for Freelancers” feature.

Lana Rachkovskaya, United States

Lana Rachkovskaya, United StatesProjetex

This is the best tool for a translator/interpreter to have. It’s tailored specifically to our industry and integrates the accounting function and project management into a seamless program. I love it!

Garry Guan, United States

Garry Guan, United StatesTranslation Office 3000

Projetex seems to suit our needs, very well in fact, and with a bargain price. Your technical support is excellent and fast. We are happy that we chose Projetex over other available options and we plan to keep using Projetex and its newer version in the future.

Aki Nieminen, Finland

Aki Nieminen, FinlandProjetex

Prompted by your announcement on some translation forum, I tried out and immediately fell in love with your TO3000. That is just what I needed, exactly…

Ivana Bjelac, Croatia

Ivana Bjelac, CroatiaTranslation Office 3000

We have used Projetex for almost 7 years and like it time saving features.

Sergio Afonso, United Kingdom

Sergio Afonso, United KingdomProjetex

I can’t tell you how much this program has made my life so much easier. I promote it whenever possible.

Jim Caulfield, Netherlands

Jim Caulfield, NetherlandsTranslation Office 3000

What matters here is that you reply promptly and that every time I had a problem with your developments you always come up with a fast and good solution.That’s priceless! Keep up with this excellent service! (…) As a furious Projetex user I will love to help it improve.

Carolina Ghelfi, Argentina

Carolina Ghelfi, ArgentinaProjetex

I can assure you that AnyCount is a very helpful tool that I love very much.I mainly use it to count .ppt and .pdf which makes life much more easer when quoting texts to be translated to a customer.

Barbara Tinschert, Germany

Barbara Tinschert, GermanyAnyCount

We definitely recommend using Projetex. It’s a reliable and time-saving software package for translation companies and comes with regular updates and professional support.

Translation Company Ecrivus International, Netherlands

Translation Company Ecrivus International, NetherlandsProjetex

I have used TO3000 for about two months now and I must say it’s a marvellous tool!

Joeri Van Liefferinge, Belgium

Joeri Van Liefferinge, BelgiumTranslation Office 3000

Great customer service!

Josh Dillon, Netherlands

Josh Dillon, NetherlandsTranslation Office 3000

We’ve been using Projetex for a while now and I must say we’re very impressed with the software. We would like to stick to Projetex as a long term solution.

Pavel Pietrzak, United Kingdom

Pavel Pietrzak, United KingdomProjetex

I don’t know how I could do without it, a very very helpful tool indeed!

Lara Trombetta, Italy

Lara Trombetta, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

Rest assured that I recommend Projetex to all of my business contacts – the application has made my life sooooo much easier!

Diane McCartney, Netherlands

Diane McCartney, NetherlandsProjetex

This is a wonderful program and I have become a real fan of AIT products!!

M. Oughcha, Belgium

M. Oughcha, BelgiumTranslation Office 3000

We are very glad we finally bought Projetex. It has proved to be an unlimited resource for our daily management work. What we value most is the straightforwardness of the displays, the shortcuts to just the right section and the many possibilities it offers for our small size company. Definitely, the right choice and the best investment in years.

Andrea Gutierrez Perez, Spain

Andrea Gutierrez Perez, SpainProjetex

I am already using Translation Office 3000 as my standard billing program.

Marco Vrieling, Netherlands

Marco Vrieling, NetherlandsTranslation Office 3000

Projetex… is the program I use and, actually I believe it’s the best one in the market right now.

Ruben Berrozpe, Spain

Ruben Berrozpe, SpainProjetex

Translation Office 3000 was a love at first sight. This tool has a very efficient and stable system for entering the translation projects and jobs.

Mariya Nenova, Bulgaria

Mariya Nenova, BulgariaTranslation Office 3000

Thank you very much for your wonderful Projetex. Your product has streamlined our process and saved us time and money.

Frank Wei, China

Frank Wei, ChinaProjetex

I’m very happy with it, myself, and having tested it against PDF files whose word count I know, I can tell that your product is accurate.

Carol C. Macomber, United States

Carol C. Macomber, United StatesAnyCount

I’d like to thank you for this excellent software that the freelance community has been waiting for a long long time!

Paolo Castellino, Italy

Paolo Castellino, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

As it really helps to manage the process, with safe data transmission and secure workflows. The investment in Projetex is worth to have a reliable reporting pack.

Rahul Malik, India

Rahul Malik, IndiaProjetex

Your software is wonderful and I have come to depend on it as much as Word and Explorer, the apps I use most frequently for my translation projects themselves.

Mary C. Maloof, United States

Mary C. Maloof, United StatesTranslation Office 3000

Great work, I love your program!

Nancy Lynn Bogar, Canada

Nancy Lynn Bogar, CanadaTranslation Office 3000

Projetex is a very good program for translation agency. Our project management is based totally on Projetex.

Krista Suislepp, Estonia

Krista Suislepp, EstoniaProjetex

Projetex has significantly helped me to increase the efficiency of my business. Can’t really imagine how could I run a translation agency before without this powerful tool which helps me manage my activities and respect deadlines and agreed terms with both clients and freelancers. Projetex is a reliable software and works perfectly, no crashes, no unnecessary waste of time. It works in the way every good software should work. My working day starts by opening Projetex on my pc!

Sherefedin Mustafa, Netherlands

Sherefedin Mustafa, NetherlandsProjetex

One of my best tools is Anycount.

Florence Tesmoingt, United Kingdom

Florence Tesmoingt, United KingdomAnyCount

I own Translation Office 3000 and AnyLexic, two of your most valuable products. Congratulations and thanks for your hard work.

Monica Paolillo, Italy

Monica Paolillo, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

Novilinguists effectively uses Projetex 2006 and we would be glad to recommend other translation companies to purchase AIT management and support tools because they maximise results and efficiently help project managers and accounting personnel to keep track of all steps involved in the production cycle of a translation vendor.

Maurizia Gregorio, Italy

Maurizia Gregorio, ItalyProjetex

Excellent support and service sustaining an excellent product.

Nico van de Water, Netherlands

Nico van de Water, NetherlandsTranslation Office 3000

Projetex has no doubt saved us money. In my opinion, as a workflow management tool it bats well above it’s weight.

Paul Lambkin, Ireland

Paul Lambkin, IrelandProjetex

Translation Office 3000 is a good choice for freelancers who have to juggle several projects at once or small translation companies in a similar position.

Michael Benis, United Kingdom

Michael Benis, United KingdomTranslation Office 3000

We have been extremely satisfied with Projetex ever since we introduced it to our agency. It’s an investment that we are glad we made every single working day. The development team are always working to improve and update the software according to the needs of translation agencies. Moreover, the support team are outstanding. Whenever I have turned to them with questions, they have been fast to reply, systematic in their response, highly efficient and patient. I don’t know how you do it, but your system works! Keept it up!

Anja Lobert, Great Britain

Anja Lobert, Great BritainProjetex

AnyCount is a satisfying and inexpensive tool worth buying.

Frederic Guereau, France

Frederic Guereau, FranceAnyCount

I was only a fanatic user of TO3000… now I am also fascinated from your excellent service.

Pawlos Chelidonis, Greece

Pawlos Chelidonis, GreeceTranslation Office 3000

We all love working with Projetex, it has made operations much easier and transparent for all of us. Great product! Best regards from all of us here at ELOQUIA.

Carmen Kruger, Germany

Carmen Kruger, GermanyProjetex

Just thought I would say how good the latest build is. I like the idea of right-clicking a table and selecting the fields I want.

Peter Thomson, Netherlands

Peter Thomson, NetherlandsTranslation Office 3000

We are very glad with Projetex. It’s super! Projetex is one of our best investments in our company.

Giovan Gulsen, Netherlands

Giovan Gulsen, NetherlandsProjetex

TO3000 is great! A great remedy for desktop clutter artists…

Philipp Doermer, Germany

Philipp Doermer, GermanyTranslation Office 3000

Your support is far better than anything I have experienced during the past 33 years as a translator.

Werner Behnke, Germany

Werner Behnke, GermanyProjetex

Congratulations for your excellent tool AnyCount which we just purchased and started using.

Gerard de Angeli, France

Gerard de Angeli, FranceAnyCount

One of the most striking aspects of TO 3000 is the openness of its developers to implement users’ needs.

Rafael Guzman, Ireland

Rafael Guzman, IrelandTranslation Office 3000

Projetex is working very good and we’re very satisfied we chose your product!

Viestarts Vidins, Latvia

Viestarts Vidins, LatviaProjetex

This program is great. It makes life a lot easier for a freelancer like me; using it I don’t have to waste my time chasing invoices or looking for details.

Rahi S. Moosavi, Islamic Republic of Iran

Rahi S. Moosavi, Islamic Republic of IranTranslation Office 3000

Thank you for your great software. It is helping us a great deal in our workflow process.We can see it was made by people who understand the translation business/process and its particularities.

Jose Bernardes, Portugal

Jose Bernardes, PortugalProjetex

I successfully installed Version 9. It’s simply great. Thanks also for implementing a suggestion of mine. Keep doing your great job.

Riccardo Olivi, Italy

Riccardo Olivi, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

Projetex is a really helpful tool, very user-friendly. We like the main page of the “Project” section and our PMs start the day looking at the list of projects and deadlines. Projetex is the core for project management in our company. It makes work organization easier, with all tasks – both current and future, easily visible. We can strongly recommend Projetex software.

Jaroslav Razek, Poland

Jaroslav Razek, PolandProjetex

I really appreciate the support from AnyCount when something doesn’t work like I want it to. Being able to count different kinds of files, especially ppt, is a big help in my work as a translator. I’m waiting for an update to count indesign files.

Catherine Hofer, Switzerland

Catherine Hofer, SwitzerlandAnyCount

I purchased the package a few weeks ago and it works beautifully. Your swift responses to the freelancer’s needs also make its evolution very promising indeed. Thanks very much and keep up the good work!

Ruben Berrozpe, Spain

Ruben Berrozpe, SpainTranslation Office 3000

We have been using Projetex product for the last 2.5 years and we are very happy with the results.

Ozgur Oncel, Turkey

Ozgur Oncel, TurkeyProjetex

… Translation Office 3000 is the best office assistant for a hard working translator. Smart software.

Ryszard P. Jasinski, Poland

Ryszard P. Jasinski, PolandTranslation Office 3000

I am a very happy owner of many of your products. The latest AnyCount 7 Enterprise is a real surprise when it counts image files. Keep up the good job!

Giovanni Tucci, Italy

Giovanni Tucci, ItalyAnyCount

The word count feature is a great step to translation agencies.

Scott Li, Hong Kong

Scott Li, Hong KongTranslation Office 3000

I had a problem with the installation of Projetex Server 2006 on our new PC and you gave me the best assistance I have ever found so far! Thanks especially to Aleksandr Yarosevich who managed to solve our glitches with Firebird via remote control in a brilliant and effective way. It was a real pleasure to see live how a problem could be solved in a few minutes by a great professional. You AIT guys definetely rock! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Francesco Amormino, Germany

Francesco Amormino, GermanyProjetex

In my opinion, the customer service they offer is as good as the software itself. Projetex is totally worthy, now I can focus on translating instead of loosing time exploring folders.

Veronica, Spain

Veronica, SpainProjetex

I am very satisfied with TO3000; it’s an excellent program and it really matches the needs of my business; also customer service team is always precise and accurate with timing and instructions; I have recommended colleagues to use it in the past and I will definitely continue to do so.

Sabrina G. Levi, United States

Sabrina G. Levi, United StatesTranslation Office 3000

I have been using TO3000 for a few months now and I am very pleased with the program. It is very user friendly and in my opinion everything a translation professional could wish for.

Tosca Weijers, Netherlands

Tosca Weijers, NetherlandsTranslation Office 3000

I find it a very nice and useful program. I am sure a lot of translators will be pleased to have it on their PC.

Stefan Samu, Romania

Stefan Samu, RomaniaTranslation Office 3000

At my Company, we have been using Projetex for a few years and all our project management tasks are managed smoothly and seamlessly. Thank you!

Sabrina Eskelson, Italy

Sabrina Eskelson, ItalyProjetex

It is absolutely fantastic to have such a good customer service for a software product. And by the way, the more I use it, the more I become a fan of TO3000, it’s a very useful tool in our business. I wouldn’t be able to miss it anymore!

Silvy Codde, Belgium

Silvy Codde, BelgiumTranslation Office 3000

Excellent. Just what I needed!

Tony Pratschke, Ireland

Tony Pratschke, IrelandTranslation Office 3000

I have been using your product for few months now. I must say that income accounting/project management side is excellent for my one-man-translation-business.

Vahur Lokk, Estonia

Vahur Lokk, EstoniaTranslation Office 3000

Excellent! Thanks for the quick support. Having dealt and suffered custom-made applications, I´m so happy to turn to Projetex!

Arancha Caballero, Spain

Arancha Caballero, SpainProjetex

With the new upgrade the program has improved even more. I have already come across a few new options which I really like. So I really hope you will all keep up the good work.

Tosca Weijers, Netherlands

Tosca Weijers, NetherlandsTranslation Office 3000

FANTASTIC customer service as always.

Jane Gray, France

Jane Gray, FranceTranslation Office 3000

I acquired TO3000 a couple of years ago and it has been taking care of all my customer relationship needs ever since.

Vladimir Pochinov, Cyprus

Vladimir Pochinov, CyprusTranslation Office 3000

We are very happy to have chosen Projetex, and every day your team make us more convinced of our choice. Thank you again.

Gemma Castan, Spain

Gemma Castan, SpainProjetex

We have recently purchased 4 licences of Anycount. We are very happy with the functionality of this software as it enables us to save a considerable amount of time.

Lilian Devis, United Kingdom

Lilian Devis, United KingdomAnyCount

Translation Office 3000 is worth its weight in platinum! Thanks to it, my bookkeeping gave up being a nightmare and a mess and I never missed to send invoices in time (so being paid as timely as possible). Furthermore, the support is at First Class level. Two thumbs up!

Claudio Porcellana, Italy

Claudio Porcellana, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

I would wish to say that I am highly satisfied with TO3000 and wish to congratulate you for your efforts and hard work. I use the program easily, find it highly configurable and effective and my wife (also a translator that used to work for some years in one of the major translation agencies in Athens) who is also using it for her projects and has extensive experience in Project Management, has nothing but praise for it. Trust me, it’s great!

Constantin Kyminas, Greece

Constantin Kyminas, GreeceTranslation Office 3000

I have been using TO3000 for the last couple of days and must say that I am very impressed. It is perfect for keeping my bookkeeping straight. I just wish that I had started using this a couple of years ago!

Brian Quigley, Netherlands

Brian Quigley, NetherlandsTranslation Office 3000

Many thanks for your great support :)

Chui Hoon, Singapore

Chui Hoon, SingaporeProjetex

I acquired TO3000 a couple of years ago and it has been taking care of all my customer relationship needs ever since.

Linda Gaus, USA

Linda Gaus, USATranslation Office 3000

Your comprehensive answer attests to the excellent credibility of your software support services!

Hernan Reitze, Chile

Hernan Reitze, ChileTranslation Office 3000

Great service for a great time-saving program!

Cherry Shelton-Mills, United Kingdom

Cherry Shelton-Mills, United KingdomTranslation Office 3000

The people that form the customer support team: Aleksandr, Maksim and others are very good, extremely educated. They are excelent.

Pablo Orchestra, Spain

Pablo Orchestra, SpainProjetex

Your outstanding support alone would be enough to choose your products!

 Valentina Pecchiar, Italy

Valentina Pecchiar, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

You guys rock :) Tech support is *always* quick, friendly and helpful. Wish it were the case with all hard and software providers. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing, please!

Patricia Lane, France

Patricia Lane, FranceTranslation Office 3000

I’d like to tell you how impressed I am with your software.

Steve Dreggs, United Kingdom

Steve Dreggs, United KingdomTranslation Office 3000

We are very happy with the decision of choosing Projetex. Your support and service are quick and excelent, and the system works perfectly. Thank you!

 Luis Rodríguez, Spain

Luis Rodríguez, SpainProjetex

I am a translator and wasn’t able to survive without AnyCount. :)

 Marinella Fioretto, Italy

Marinella Fioretto, ItalyAnyCount

I am really enjoying using he program and I think it will make my life MUCH easier!

Susan Wilson

Susan WilsonTranslation Office 3000

Hoho!! This works! An outstanding job! Sleek and slick! Thank you very much for all the help!

Erik-Martin Jansen, Spain

Erik-Martin Jansen, SpainTranslation Office 3000

Prompt reply to my query!

Emmanuelle Rostaing, France

Emmanuelle Rostaing, FranceTranslation Office 3000

This is fantastic. Works smoothly and makes my day!!! Thank you so much! Again, if there was an award for best support service, you all at Projetex would get it.

Anja Lobert, Great Britain

Anja Lobert, Great BritainProjetex

I’m very satisfied with all your products and the support you provide. You are the best :)

Sara Duran, Spain

Sara Duran, SpainTranslation Office 3000

I don’t know what I would do without TO3000. It has made such a huge difference to my business.

Miranda Joubioux, France

Miranda Joubioux, FranceTranslation Office 3000

Yes the team has been very helpful.

Thomas Carey, France

Thomas Carey, FranceTranslation Office 3000

After more than 6 years, we are still convinced that Projetex was and still is the good choice for us. Top-notch software and excellent support. Keep on going guys! Aleksandr and all the staff are very helpful and service oriented.

Pierre Ducn, Belgium

Pierre Ducn, BelgiumProjetex

The service was kind and good. I am very pleased with your product, which helps me greatly in keeping track of my translation work.

Inacio Steinhardt, Israel

Inacio Steinhardt, IsraelTranslation Office 3000

Thank you very much indeed for your timely help! I have done the needful in my software installation.

Rahul Bahl, India

Rahul Bahl, IndiaTranslation Office 3000

Thanks for everyone’s hard work at AIT, I’m a fan! You always reply very quickly and efficiently.

Odile Montpetit, France

Odile Montpetit, FranceTranslation Office 3000

Thanks for your support, I am very pleased with service.

Ivars Svekris, Latvia

Ivars Svekris, LatviaProjetex

Quick answers and full explanations. Thanks!

Claire Mullier, France

Claire Mullier, FranceTranslation Office 3000

Thank you very much for your continuous support. I really appreciate it.

Azizah Hisham, Malaysia

Azizah Hisham, MalaysiaTranslation Office 3000

I will certainly purchase version 10. I don’t know how I managed without TO3000 :)

Carla Palhares da Costa, Portugal

Carla Palhares da Costa, PortugalTranslation Office 3000

Thank you very much for your quick reply (as always!).

Jose Carlos Bernardes, Portugal

Jose Carlos Bernardes, PortugalProjetex

I personally use it for counting files that won’t be needing translation memory – such as .xls, .pdf files etc. It’s better than Word’s function for counting, for example, because it counts even what is inside textboxes.

Mariya Nenova, Bulgaria

Mariya Nenova, BulgariaAnyCount

You’re doing great. Thanks!

Frank van Thienen, Canada

Frank van Thienen, CanadaTranslation Office 3000

Excellent and prompt support as usual. Thank you Alexey, my feedback was well deserved!

Audrey Sylvain, France

Audrey Sylvain, FranceTranslation Office 3000

TO3000 is (apart from my CAT) the most important tool I work with, your excellent customer service is therefore greatly appreciated!!!

Alma de Kok, Poland

Alma de Kok, PolandTranslation Office 3000

Of all the support I have received so far from any software provider, AIT’s has been the promptest and friendliest. Aleksandr and his team are a notch above the rest. Thanks so much for your patience on every support request!

Ignacio Luque, Argentina

Ignacio Luque, ArgentinaProjetex

Please accept my sincere gratitude for your aid and support. Also accept my congrats for the new version and do keep up your excellent work.

Constantin Kyminas, Greece

Constantin Kyminas, GreeceTranslation Office 3000

Thank you very much for your reply. I followed your instructions and the problem is solved now. Thanks a lot for your support! I am very happy I purchased your software, it is great and it makes my life easier!

Maria Sintes, Spain

Maria Sintes, SpainTranslation Office 3000

The support I received was immediate and very useful. Great job! Thank you.

Natalia Moreno, USA

Natalia Moreno, USATranslation Office 3000

The whole team was very reactive and took care of any problems extremely quickly. Great service! Thank you!

Les Langues du Monde, France

Les Langues du Monde, FranceProjetex

Thanks again – you guys are great!

Amanda Grey, France

Amanda Grey, FranceTranslation Office 3000

People were very helpful and nice!

Judith Wiedemann, Italy

Judith Wiedemann, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

Yes, the issue has been solved perfectly. Thank you very much. Prompt reply, flexibility and clear instructions. I know I can always come to you with new issues and you are ready to help.

Giovanna Massari, Italy

Giovanna Massari, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

We are glad with the assistance and support, and also with the provided information and budget. Thanks for your help!

Sandra Lara, Spain

Sandra Lara, SpainProjetex

Suprisingly fast answer. Very satisfied :)

Maciej Gasior, Poland

Maciej Gasior, PolandAnyCount

TO3000 is a very useful tool and the technical support proved to be helpful and responsive in dealing with my enquiries.

Odile Bruder, France

Odile Bruder, FranceTranslation Office 3000

Great. You people are really brilliant, thanks again.

Jane Gray, France

Jane Gray, FranceTranslation Office 3000

I am very satisfied with your support. The staff replied to my question quickly and instructed as I can understand it. Thank you so much!

Mai Shimoura, Japan

Mai Shimoura, JapanTranslation Office 3000

Thanks again for excellent service! AIT is a great Ukrainian company and both products I use are life savers during busy business days, to keep track of what brings the money where it belongs – in my pocket!

Svein Hartwig Djaerff, Norway

Svein Hartwig Djaerff, NorwayProjetex

Fast and helpful, perfect! Thanks!!!

Sandra Schlatter, United Kingdom

Sandra Schlatter, United KingdomTranslation Office 3000

Thank you for your excellent service once again

Steve Dreggs, United Kingdom

Steve Dreggs, United KingdomTranslation Office 3000

Thanks again for the wonderful product and excellent service!

Paul Kozelka, USA

Paul Kozelka, USATranslation Office 3000

Very nice service, super fast. Thanks!

Trisha Kovacic-Young, Austria

Trisha Kovacic-Young, AustriaProjetex

Thank you for your very prompt replies to my queries.

Susan Wilson, United Kingdom

Susan Wilson, United KingdomTranslation Office 3000

Thank you very much for your support, I appreciate very much your help.

Nani Delgado, Spain

Nani Delgado, SpainTranslation Office 3000

Thanks, I really appreciate your good service

Svein Hartwig Djaerff , Norway

Svein Hartwig Djaerff , NorwayTranslation Office 3000

Projetex is the best investment we have made in the last 3 years. It is very useful and makes our life much easier!

Fernando Feldman, France-Spain-Argentina

Fernando Feldman, France-Spain-ArgentinaProjetex

I’m very satisfied with your quick answer, which was clear and very easy to understand.

Christophe Lascombes, Germany

Christophe Lascombes, GermanyAnyCount

Keep up the good work, guys (and gals)!

Peam Inghels, Netherlands

Peam Inghels, NetherlandsTranslation Office 3000

Thank you so much for your great support.

Ngo Tien Quyet, Viet Nam

Ngo Tien Quyet, Viet NamTranslation Office 3000

I definitely love your customer service, which I always said is the best!

Doron Greenspan, Israel

Doron Greenspan, IsraelTranslation Office 3000

I really didn’t expected such a great support, I’m very happy for having chosen Projetex and its staff!

Simone De Bardi, Italy

Simone De Bardi, ItalyProjetex

It’s always a pleasure working with Translation Office 3000, it’s wonderful and very helpful software! All my problems have been solved, can’t thank you enough for your quick and helpful support!

Teresa Jones, Argentina

Teresa Jones, ArgentinaTranslation Office 3000

Maksim has answered very quickly and solved my problem with a lot of patience Thank you very much for your help.

Maria Ceu Claudio, Portugal

Maria Ceu Claudio, PortugalTranslation Office 3000

I love TO3000! Can’t do without it!

Idoia Echenique, Spain

Idoia Echenique, SpainTranslation Office 3000

I am very satisfied with the assistance of the AIT team, they always get back to me within a timely manner and with a detailed explanation to my queries. I wish them success and continuous prosperity.

Mostafa Tarekr, Cairo, Egypt

Mostafa Tarekr, Cairo, EgyptProjetex

One of my best tools is Anycount.

Felipe Vallejo, Columbia

Felipe Vallejo, ColumbiaAnyCount

Very quick and friendly answers, and even more importantly, answers that worked! Thanks once again.

Ann Gallon, France

Ann Gallon, FranceTranslation Office 3000

Thanks again for this top notch customer assistance!

Claudio Porcellana, Italy

Claudio Porcellana, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

It’s fantastic. Thank you very much again for your help and quick answer as always!

Cecile Rajot, France

Cecile Rajot, FranceTranslation Office 3000

Excellent and expeditious service… as usual!

Hernán Reitzer, Chile

Hernán Reitzer, ChileProjetex

Many thanks for taking the time to reply, and so quickly. I appreciate all your help.

Donna Bowman, United Kingdom

Donna Bowman, United KingdomAnyCount

Your customer support is excellent – as always! Thanks!

Line Hauge Stoyva, Italy

Line Hauge Stoyva, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

Please say thanks also to the other members of your support team – great products and super fast reaction time to questions! Keep up the good work.

Nicole Oberholzer, Switzerland

Nicole Oberholzer, SwitzerlandTranslation Office 3000

At last I can count scanned PDF files! I have a customer who often sends me translation texts as scanned PDFs and wants an offer from me very quickly. Previously I had difficulty estimating the words/lines accurately at short notice, but now I can use Any Count and make a realistic offer.

Germany, United Kingdom

Germany, United KingdomAnyCount

Thanks for all your assistance with the question with the decimal separator. And thanks for the picture also. Your help was exceptional. Thanks again, it really helped me and I changed the decimal separator.

Sandy Mouriki, Greece

Sandy Mouriki, GreeceTranslation Office 3000

Fantastic, I love you quick and useful answers.

Magali GUENETTE, France

Magali GUENETTE, FranceTranslation Office 3000

Excellent and quick response.

Raoul Daveux, USA

Raoul Daveux, USATranslation Office 3000

Again I’m amazed over the great service offered by you – I thank a lot for this and wish you and your colleagues and families a great holiday season.

Svein Hartwig Djaerff , Norway

Svein Hartwig Djaerff , NorwayTranslation Office 3000

Alexandr and Alexey were very helpful in suggesting solutions to my problem, which turned out to be Windows fault.


GRACIELA CARLYLE, ArgentinaTranslation Office 3000

I cannot do without my TO3000!, a wonderful product!

Paola Mariani, Italy

Paola Mariani, ItalyTranslation Office 3000

Thank you very much for the time (one hour) you spent with my issue and for solving it. As always, thank you for your professionalism and dedication. It is very very much appreciated.

Sara Duran, Spain

Sara Duran, SpainTranslation Office 3000

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