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Key Events

  • AceProof Released

    AceProof—translation quality assurance software. AceProof helps to achieve an accurate translation by 34 checks in 5 groups of errors. The software does this by consistency checks, space checks, punctuation checks, and checks of untranslated fragments. AceProof covers 15 file formats of translation files.

  • ExactSpent 3D Released

    The software was developed specifically for professionals in the translation industry who charge by the hour to count all their time spent on work and distribute it among different tasks to claim fair payment for work carried out. The new version of the program features integration with Translation Office 3D (translation project management software for freelance translators), and an enhanced interface.

  • Translation Office 3D Released

    The update is brimming with new features such as a multiple-document interface, the new module for prospects management, knowledgebase, a built-in mail sender and email templates, 3D reports, a dashboard and enhanced calendars.

  • AnyCount 3D Released

    The new AnyCount 3D features a redesigned user interface and more powerful count features, such as the ability to count words not only in saved documents but also directly from websites and the ability to work with 37 file formats.

  • Projetex 3D Released

    The 3D version features multiple-document interface, the ability to manage prospects and applicants, knowledgebase, built-in mail sender, dynamic reports, dashboard, improved calendars, and much more.

  • We approach final stages ...

    We approach final stages of AnyCount 3D, Translation Office 3D, and Projetex 3D development. Stay tuned!

  • Translation Office 3000, Version 11 Released.

    – Windows 8 and 8.1 compatibility.
    – 26 localizations added
    – Multi-core processing for embedded AnyCount
    – Data grid performance and usability improvements.
    – New “Credit Notes” feature.
    – Client Jobs can be modified within the invoice window.
    – Automatic Local Time calculation for clients.
    – Folder creation feature improved.

  • AnyCount 8.0 Released

    New AnyCount 8.0 with upgraded word count engine – multi-core processing.

  • Projetex 10 Released

    – Full support of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012.
    – Projetex Automation Engine.
    – Corporate Experts now can have their currencies, price lists, payments, balances, etc.

  • Translation Office 3000, Version 10 Released.

    – Now projects are optional. You can create jobs directly in client profiles, bypassing projects.
    – Fully Unicode-based.
    – Custom fields for Invoices are now available.
    – TO3000 now can be run under all common virtual machine software.
    – TO3000 now includes built-in Enterprise edition of wordcount engine AnyCount 7.0.
    – Improved compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows 7.

  • Projetex 9 Released:

    – Full Unicode support.
    – Upgraded architecture, enabling fast deployment of new features on your request.
    – Upgraded database engine.
    – Enhanced Scheduler.
    – Upgraded export engine.
    – Upgraded reporting engine.
    – Upgraded import utility.
    – Virtualization support.

  • New AnyCount 7.0 with new file formats:

    – Microsoft Power Point 2007 file format: PPTX, PPSX.
    – Image file formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF(available in Enterprise edition only).
    – Microsoft Publisher file format: PUB (available in Professional and Enterprise editions only).
    – Microsoft Visio file format: VSD (available in Professional and Enterprise editions only).
    – Sisulizer file format: SLP (available in Professional and Enterprise editions only).

  • Projetex 8.0 Released:

    – Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use File Management.
    – Projetex8Lock and Unlock.
    – Version Control.
    – 10% increase in speed for databases with large amounts of data.
    – Custom fields for Invoices, JAs and POs are now available.
    – Projetex now includes built-in Enterprise edition of wordcount engine AnyCount 7.0. Additionally to previous version it supports PPTX, PPSX, PUB, VSD, SLP, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and graphic PDF count.
    – Automated backup engine with flexible settings.

  • Translation Office 3000, Version 9 Released.

    – Mass action: quick generation of multiple Invoices and Payments.
    – TO3000 now features built-in bestselling AnyCount 6.0 text count engine.
    – Built-in FTP client available directly on Files tab for quick access to Clients FTP folders.
    – TO3000 now can be run under all common virtual machine software.
    – New Invoice template variables have been alied.
    – CATCount algorithm has been corrected to account for custom units with multiple words equivalent.
    – Invoicing policy settings can be configured in the client’s profile, providing the ability to track if a client job is ready for invoicing.
    – CATCount can now process Logoport logs in aliition to Trados logs.
    – Localization support — TO3000, Version 9.0 can now be localized into your language.

  • Projetex 7.0 Released:

    – Account-based management: Account Managers now are assigned Accounts instead of Clients. Client can have single account (like it was before) or multiple accounts, with a number of Projects and Account Managers assigned to them.
    – Improved file manager: additional options to further enhance work files management: with a few clicks now all relevant folders.
    – Projetex 7.0 now features built-in bestselling AnyCount 6.0 text count engine.
    – Operation performance of large databases has been optimized and improved.

  • New AnyCount 6.0 with new file formats

    – New file formats counting added: .docx, .xlsx (MS Office 2007 file formats).
    – Improved text counting procedure in TextBoxes and Shapes.
    – Table-like shapes can now be counted in .PPT format files.

  • Translation Office 3000, Version 8 Released.

    – Over 150 enhancements and improvements.
    – Tax value may be negative.
    – Exporting of clients, projects, and experts lists improved.
    – Improved custom reports managing, CatCount engine.

  • AnyCount 5.0 with new file formats:

    – Support for word count, line count, and character count for .MIF (Adobe FrameMaker), XML (eXtensible Markup Language), and .WPD (Corel WordPerfect) files is added.
    – Comments can be counted in .DOC and .RTF documents.
    – Improved processing of .XML files.

  • Projetex 2006 Released:

    – New custom access roles.
    – Custom Filter for Projects.
    – Added Adjustments value (like Expenses in TO3000 V7) in Invoices and POs to correct Total Amount Due.
    – Context-sensitive Help System added.
    – Visual Schedules are available for Clients, Projects, Corporate Experts, and Freelancers.

  • Translation Office 3000, Version 7 Released

    – Export of data into .TXT and .CSV formats.
    – Built-in AnyCount Engine enhanced. AnyCount engine now automatically unpacks .zip files.
    – Additional services, languages, volume units, and client groups can be created “on the fly” without going to the Settings window.
    – The built-in AnyCount Engine can now produce word counts for embedded and linked objects.
    – Built-in CATCount Engine replaces CAT Schemes and CAT Services, and upgrades the level of comfort when working with word counts, obtained from Computer Assisted Translation Tools.

  • New AnyCount 3.0

    – with ability to count PDFs.

  • AnyCount 2.0

    – First Public Release of Word Count Utility for Translators and Translation Agencies

  • First public version of Projetex is released.

    It is the first tool for management of translation jobs within translation agency.

  • First public version of TO 3000 is released.

    Translation Office 3000 – It is the first tool for accounting and marketing of translation jobs.

  • Started developing in-house solution

    Growing volumes of translation work require us to start developing in-house solution for translation management to replace Microsoft Excel tables and Microsoft Word templates.

  • Russian and Ukrainian Translation Labs go live.