How does a translation management software simplify workflow?

How does a translation management software simplify workflow?

How does a translation management software simplify workflow?

People and smooth translation workflow are at the heart of successful translation business. That allows a translation agency to run like clockwork. As for human resources, an employee can do a certain amount of work in a certain amount of time. They cannot jump over their heads to complete more tasks. Therefore, there is a way to delegate and automate to get to the next level and deliver more results. In such a way, translators and project managers can do more valuable work by preventing routine tasks that translation management software can do.

In our previous post, we talked about why you need a translation management system (TMS). Today, we want to reflect further on that issue and add more benefits to simplify workflow in your translation agency.

Smooth communication and translation job distribution

Communication becomes complicated when a lot of people are involved in the translation project. And this is the most common scenario in a translation agency. Many people are involved in the chain. There are the customer, translators, editors and proofers, accountants, HR managers. A translation Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that communication between all participants goes smoothly.

The project manager distributes translation jobs between specialists with the necessary qualifications and proven experience. How can they do translation management more efficiently?

Translation management software allows managing communication with clients and the team. The project manager has a software section to add all the info about customer interaction. They can also create a project with all the project info, add files and distribute all the translation jobs between in-house and freelance translators, proofreaders, and editors. You can also automatically create job assignments, purchase orders, invoices, and so on. Isn’t that fantastic?

Assemble the translation team quickly

The specifics of a translation project can be very different. The project may require specialists with various languages and specializations: technical translators, legal, medical, marketing, etc. Trying to manage this on your own can be pretty complicated. The Project Manager is a person who assembles the translation team. They use the translation management software and translation agency database with appropriate translators. 

Suppose you want to ensure that the best translators and subject matter experts will participate in the project. In that case, it’s better to provide your project manager with translation management software. Such a database with translators list and their cooperation history, notes on their proficiency level, and their ability to meet deadlines is a treasure trove for the project manager. Thus, the project manager will have everything necessary to create a perfect translation team with skills appropriate to the project.

Projetex translation management software.

Projetex was designed to meet the needs of translation agencies, language service providers, and freelance translators. With this translation management software, managing business processes in your company will be much easier. Projetex lets you communicate with prospects and customers, applicants, in-house and freelance translators more efficiently. It becomes much simpler to manage finances and monitor all the processes in the translation agency. With optimizing translation management processes, your translation business will be more profitable.

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Translation Office 3000 translation management system for freelance translators

TO3000 is a translation management tool designed for freelance translators. It will help you with accounting, translation jobs management, clients and prospects management, and decrease your daily administrative routine.
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