How to be a Translation Project Management Superhero

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How to be a Translation Project Management Superhero

Translation agencies differ significantly in their workflow. Therefore, the duties of a translation project manager may vary from agency to agency. Also, the company’s size influences the project manager’s responsibilities a lot. In larger companies, some tasks are passed to other specialists, such as sales, accounts, and human resources managers. In comparison, in smaller translation companies, managers perform more duties on their own.

Translation project managers not only interact with potential clients, handle their requests and supervise the implementation of the project but also prepare documents for translation. The project manager assigns translation jobs to selected in-house and freelance translators support them at each stage of the translation workflow and checks their work. The project manager is responsible for carrying out the project on time and at the highest quality to make the client happy. 

This begs the question: How can translation business owners help their project managers improve their performance and help them to deliver better translations to clients faster, relieving them of unnecessary routine tasks?

Delegate Responsibility Carefully

The mistake many managers make is that they cannot delegate some tasks and want to do everything themselves. But the fact is that the more translation projects and the larger the team you have, the less time is left for each task. To keep translation projects under control, you do not have to do everything yourself, but you have to delegate appropriately. 

Giving the proper translation job to the appropriate translator or editor is essential to your project’s success. You need to carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the translator when assigning tasks. Comprehending the skills of team members will make the decision-making process much more effortless for translation project managers. 

Translation management software is the translation project manager’s best friend when it comes to delegating tasks. Projetex or TO3000, for example, will help you to monitor your team’s performance and identify bottlenecks in real-time.

Projetex translation management software.

Projetex is a project management software and an indispensable tool in the hands of a translation project manager. Projetex simplifies managing translation agencies and ensures the efficient discharge of administrative tasks. The translation project manager can easily interact with prospects and clients, gather a translation team, and manage projects. It’s much easier to create purchase orders, job assignments, invoices, and manage finances.

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TO3000 translation management software for freelance translators

Use Translation Office 3000 (TO3000) to be a translation project management superhero. TO3000 will be your secret weapon in managing finances, translation jobs, organizing workflow. You will be able to build more effective relationships with your customers and potential clients and earn more.

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