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Are you only considering investing in translation memory software or a translation management system? Have already bought some of the solutions on the market? The following information will be of great value to you. After 15 years in the translation management technology business I have a confession to make: TECHNOLOGY ITSELF DOES NOT BRING VALUE.   TRANSLATION TECHNOLOGY ALONE DOES NOT BRING VALUE.   and logically enough...   TRANSLATION MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT BRING VALUE ON ITS OWN.     (more…)


Translation Management Blog is now live!

Hello and welcome to Translation Management Blog! Translation World Why start the translation management blog? My idea is very simple to: Hear your opinion on your translation management workflow; Share my experience of creating a translation agency from scratch and its transformation into a translation management research lab; Hear your thoughts about best translation management practices; Share my experience with creating translation management systems for 700+ translation agencies; Improve the translation management software we publish based on your inputs.   (more…)