Look inside Translation Santa’s bag. What will you get?

Look inside Translation Santa’s bag. What will you get?

AIT Xmas2020

You enter the room and sniff the smell of 🍪 chocolate сookies…

Ho Ho Ho…

You drink a glass of 🥛 fresh milk…feeling a bit sleepy after decorating 🎄 Christmas tree all night long…

It is time to get a reward!

Don’t look under the tree or in the socks near the fireplace…




Look down the post and what do you see? Translation Santa—the little brother of Santa Claus is already here!

AIT Xmas2020 gift

Translation Santa brings presents for those wanting to:

  • turn their workflow around
  • become more efficient
  • focus on translation, not administration in 2020

This Christmas, Translation Santa has a surprise for you that will blow your mind!

AIT Christmas Fortune Wheel

Look inside Translation Santa’s sack:

  • Win a discount from 25% to 90% with the Christmas Fortune Wheel
  • 3 spins per translator, so you will have more chances to win a great discount!
  • Grow your holiday spirit 10 times with the Christmas Fortune Wheel. Guaranteed.

You can’t combine discounts, but you can choose the best one among the 3!




You are moments away from an unforgettable translation year. Try your luck while the gifts are still in Translation Santa’s bag at https://www.translation3000.com/aitpn/557-75.html


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