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S*x sells. But good translation sells better

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What’s the secret behind perfect marketing translation? Translating marketing materials as general copy is like taking an original Vincent van Gogh, “The Starry Night,” and making a copy on a copy machine. True professionals know all these traps and pitfalls. They are culturally sensitive and understand how marketing texts work. They know that marketing translation is a crucial driver to establish a strong international reputation for a brand and to increase revenues for a client. As an innovative company, we are introducing Marketing Translation Day to display pride in the increasingly essential profession of the marketing translator.

translation3000 newsletter

We wish that you, marketing translators, will creatively adapt messages (which your clients want to convey), deeply understand the target audience, and be inspired to translate and transcreate jokes, metaphors, puns, and idioms with ease.

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Don’t miss the other translation holidays on our translator’s calendar. Download the calendar and print it out for the new translation year. Set new goals and schedule your vacations!

translation3000 newsletter


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