The magic behind the number 8 and 5 shocking facts about your translation clients

The magic behind the number 8 and 5 shocking facts about your translation clients


Your clients need translation services for them to go global, but what do they really know about translation? Follow the magic behind the number 8 and find out 5 shocking facts about your clients.

Fact #1. Recent studies have shown that 81% of survey participants had never even heard of the translation memory. So don’t spend too much time trying to educate your client; it would be better to just offer a discount on their next translation order.

Fact #2. About one-third of clients have no idea how much time the translation process takes and what stages are required to perform it. And actually, they don’t need to. Just help them to understand how it works overall so they will know what to expect and will be satisfied with your job.

Fact #3. Companies that use translation tend to do so in an average of 8 languages. So if you want to work more with big clients, consider finding partners who can work translate into other languages. It’s also an excellent beginning to expand your business.

Fact #4. 500 global business representatives participated in the research, and it was found that 8% of them currently don’t translate their content at all despite serving global markets. So there is a big unrecognized need for translation services, which will open up as businesses realize the value of translation. So don’t be lured by McDonald’s ad of an excellent career after watching “American Beauty” movie, there will be plenty of work in translation to keep you busy till you retire.

Fact #5. Your clients will love to work with you if you work faster and more accurately than your competitors and over the next 8 days we have a special offer to help you achieve this with discounts on the latest cutting-edge software tools for translators, specifically our special five tools: Projetex or TO3000, which can help you keep your data neat and help you manage your projects effectively, AnyCount, which can count words in a flash, ExactSpent, which can help you to count your time, and handy AceProof, which can ensure accurate text by killing potentially missed errors.

Do you see the magic of number 8 now? It’s everywhere. I even was born in the late 80s. To continue the theme and finish off, let me offer you a 38% discount for the best software for translators. But hurry, as mentioned above, this offer is open for 8 days only!

Turn translation on its head, and win and keep more clients. Order at 38% off.


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Order a new license or upgrade previous versions of Projetex, TO3000, or AnyCount, and get the corporate license for ExactSpent and AceProof for free.

If you truly want to be successful, only you can make it happen. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to automate your workflow at the lowest possible price.

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P.S. Still not sure? You can get your money back within the first 30 days after purchase if unhappy with the tools. And even if you decide to do that, you can still keep the bonuses.

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