Top 3 Reasons Why Translation Management Is Important

Top 5 Reasons Why Translation Management Is Important

Top 3 Reasons Why Translation Management Is Important

Translation management is the automation of the translation workflow, reducing repetitive and time-consuming manual work. Translation management is usually carried out by software to let you focus on translation business growth, translation, and creative work. A translation management software commonly includes two types of technology: process management to automate workflow and linguistic technology to help the translator. Today we will talk about the translation management system and 5 reasons why it’s important. 

#1 Effective project planning

A good translation project manager sees the whole picture and sets relevant and achievable targets, budgets, and deadlines. The translation project manager interacts with a client to understand the peculiarities of a project and set appropriate targets, budgets, and deadlines. After that, the translation project manager can adequately plan the workflow and assemble the translation team.

#2 Clear focus and goals

Planning is essential for translation management, as it affects the outcome of any translation project instantly. One of the main reasons for failed projects is a lack of clear targets and unclear instructions. A professional project manager helps streamline workflow and speed up translation to complete the project successfully and keep costs down.  

When it comes to a translation project, the task is straightforward: the translator receives the text and translates it. But there are peculiarities connected with the tasks’ distribution in big translation projects. Everything matters the quality, speed, consistency, and efficiency of each translation job. Linguists will work chaotically and deliver inaccurate translations if their guidance is unclear.

#3 Quality control

One of the stages of a well-organized translation process is quality control. The project manager is responsible for the quality of the project the translation agency delivers to the customer. Managers know the project backward and forwards and coordinate quality reviews to reach the highest-quality result. An excellent project manager coordinates proofreading and review until they are convinced that the client is satisfied with the outcomes. 

Projetex translation project management software

Projetex is a translation project management software (TMS) and an indispensable instrument for translation project management. Projetex simplifies managing translation agencies and workflows within the team. The TMS allows you to gather essential data about your customers and leads. You can also manage candidates, in-house and freelance translators, finances.

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TO3000 translation management software for freelance translators

Use Translation Office 3000 (TO3000) is the magic wand that helps freelance translators with accounting and translation jobs management, assists in organizing workflow, and reduces daily administrative routine. TO3000 allows focusing on the translation, not administration.

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