How your word count affects your texts effectiveness and your income

How your word count affects your texts effectiveness and your income

How your word count affects your texts effectiveness and your income

Word count is vitally important for many professionals. For translators and copywriters, it allows you to determine the amount and cost of work. Internet marketers and SEO specialists can determine the most influential texts that bring more results and impact the user. To count words is very important, and not always the more, the better. There is a proper amount for each task.

Let’s take a closer look at when word count is important and why.

Why word count is important for translators.

Aside from all the obvious reasons, estimating text volume is important for translators dealing with localization, translating websites, or marketing materials. It’s not a secret that word count can be very different in the source and target languages. If the text has initially been of optimal length, it does not mean that it will be the same length after translation.

You have probably had the experience of opening a new application that was recently translated into your native language and finding that the words do not fit in their cells. In such cases, it is essential not only to perform the translation but also to choose appropriate words in terms of character count and user experience.

The most common reason to keep your eye on the word count is to determine the length of a translation piece to bill the client. It is better to use a professional word count tool for this task to count the words as accurately as possible without missing a single word.

There are many other reasons why a character count is important for translators. Every translator has their own experience, and it will be great if you could share your opinion in the comments below.

Why to count words is important for writers.

Writers need to keep an eye on word count since it helps to select their readers. For example, if a writer creates a novel about 100,000 words long, some readers will not read this writing solely because of its volume. Children also are quite seldom read novels with a high word count. Thus, if a writer’s novel is quite voluminous in size, they automatically exclude a number of readers.

On the other hand, if the writer produces a low character count, their work will be more suitable for people who’d like shorter novels.

The book “Write, shorten” by Maxim Ilyakhov and Lyudmila Sarycheva tells how to write concisely, clearly, and persuasively, without language garbage, falsehoods, and clichés. The book tells us that more is not better and that sometimes you can express a thought with fewer words.

So how to count words?

Sometimes the most straightforward processes become more complicated when they move from the amateur sphere to the professional one. The nuances appear, and then it isn’t easy to use software such as Microsoft Word for your word count, and you have to switch to professional tools.

First of all, in Microsoft Word, you can count characters mostly in text documents, which severely limits your ability to count characters in other file formats. Also, the word count accuracy in Microsoft programs is pretty low.

We advise you to try the Anycount word counter, which supports 70 file formats. Try the program for free by downloading it here.

word counter
character count in 70 file formats

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