Top 3 Word-Count Hacks for Translators in 2020

Word-Count Hacks for Translators in 2020

Top 3 Word-Count Hacks for Translators in 2020

Now, after AnyCount 4D release, you have even more handy features for your ideal word-count process. Grab this AnyCount 4D efficiency hacks on how to avoid time-wasting and get the most out of your word-count routine in 2020.

Hack #1. Use standalone software

With AnyCount 4D, you don’t need to use a bunch of additional software to extract and read your files. All your essential word-count features gathered in one tool. It saves your money, time, efforts, and doesn’t mess up your PC with software you don’t need.

Anycount 4D results

Hack #2. Count bilingual CAT files

AnyCount will give you a completely different take on word and character count in your translation files. Curiosity killed the cat, but curious AnyCount will reach the core. It will count all the cats, namely your bilingual CAT files, including a distinction between target and source text.

Counting CAT files

Hack #3. Count subtitles

Translator subtitlers, thank you for waiting for this mind-blowing word-count feature! Without you, it would be impossible to watch our favorite movies, TV shows, and videos on YouTube. Now it’s our turn to make your life easier and more pleasurable.

The new 4D edition allows counting words in subtitles in dozens of different formats. View results divided into text, timecodes, formatting, and descriptions.

Counting Subtitles

More Bonuses

AnyCount 4D is licensed per PC, but you can get an extra one for your laptop or friend (choose wisely) if you act now:

  • Everyone will get an extra license per every license purchased.
  • Users of AnyCount 3D will get 3 extra licenses per every license purchased.
  • Users of 8 version and earlier will get 2 additional licenses per every license purchased.
  • The pleasure of awesome word-count in 70 file formats

All bonuses will be automatically applied within a week after purchase.

If this does not happen, please, drop us a line.

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