How to count the number of words in your PDF file? Part 1

How to count the number of words in your PDF file? Part 1

At some point, each translator, editor, or proofreader faces the need for PDF word count. The reality is that PDF is one of the favorite customer formats, along with .doc, .rtf, or .txt. The point is that many different software tools can generate files in various file formats, but they can also create PDFs. This dramatically simplifies file sharing, but how to count words in PDF? There are different ways to deal with this problem. For example, you can convert your PDF document to one of the text formats, and then easily count words and characters in a text. There are types of PDF files that you can convert into text. Unfortunately, you can’t do this with all kinds of PDF, since your PDF file can be a picture. In such a case, you need to turn your image into text, so you need to install specialized software for extra costs. Learn more about “How to count words in PDF file” in Part 2 and Part 3. Need accurate PDF word count? Try AnyCount for free here.
Word count in PDF files in AnyCount

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