How to count the number of words in your PDF file? Part 3

How to count the number of words in your PDF file? Part 3

Let us continue our post about the most convenient ways to count characters and words in PDF files. We already know this ways to do a PDF character count:

1. Convert PDF into text files
2. Use online services

But there are other ways for PDF word count.

The great benefit of PDF extension is that people can use different specialized software programs and then save their documents in a format everyone can open. It is, for this reason, many of your clients use it. Well, what can you do?

Many translators, writers, and bloggers choose AnyCount word count tool to count their characters, words, and lines. AnyCount can swiftly process a PDF character count, no matter if your files include text or pictures. Try it before you order it for free here.

Learn more about “How to count words in PDF file” in Part 1 and Part 2.

PDF character count in AnyCount

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