How to count the number of words in your PDF file? Part 2

How to count the number of words in your PDF file? Part 2

Before we tell you about another way to produce a word count in PDF, let’s learn a little more what this format. PDF is a Portable Document Format created by Adobe in the 1990s to use it for reading documents, including text formatting and pictures. PDF documents may contain different sorts of information, such as text, images, symbols, interactive elements, links, layers, and others. One of the most natural methods to process a word count in your documents with PDF file extension is to use an online word count tool created particularly for this task. It’s pretty convenient for a word count in small amounts of PDF files. Unfortunately, when you have a lot of documents, online word counters start charging for additional files. Continuously, it may be costly. Learn more about “How to count words in PDF file” in Part 1 and Part 3. Do you need the most accurate word count in 70 file formats? Try AnyCount for free here.
How to count words in PDF

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