Your translation management train is gone, but here is the very last bus

The very last bus

Your translation management train is gone, but here is the very last bus

Hello there,

You might be wondering: Why are we switching to a new pricing model? Will it affect your previously bought licenses?

Don’t panic; it’s just a new and beautiful stage of our relationship. While we have been only dating so far, now you, Projetex, TO3000, and AnyCount are going to be closer to each other. It even could be a translation productivity marriage!

Why you will love the new pricing model:

⚡️ The subscription model allows for cost fragmentation – meaning you’ll be able to afford more tools.
⚡️ You’ll be able to buy the top edition with maximum functionality.
⚡️ You can enjoy premium support for free during the first year.
⚡️ You no longer need to order expensive new versions.
⚡️ And you can keep our software developers on their toes with ever more bonuses and upgrades.

Will your software stop working after a new release? No way!

But …

3D version owners can switch to the new pricing model and excess 4D editions with a HUGE discount! First, though, you need to become a 3D version owner to get all the bonuses.

Your translation management train has left the station, but here is the very last shuttle bus to reach translation management heaven. It’s now or never. Now for sure! Upgrade to 3D now and get these cherries on your cake:

🚀 Projetex, TO3000, AnyCount 70% off
🚀 3D version of the software working FOREVER
🚀 Huge discount for a subscription to 4D version guaranteed
🚀 One year premium support for free

Are you in?

If you are not happy with any of the products 90 days after their purchase, write to us, and we will make a refund, no questions asked.

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