Trick or treat? Get rid of the spooky translation routine!

Stay vigilant, everyday superheroes!

Trick or treat? Get rid of the spooky translation routine!

Trick or treat? We know, nothing can scare super-duper translators in 2020... so here's your reward:

We treat you with the best software for translators! Your administration routine is spooky, and you can get rid of it.

  • What’s the point of doing administrative work when you can carve pumpkins for a holiday? 
  • What’s the sense to spend a lot of time counting words in images, CAT files, and subtitles when AnyCount can do it in a couple of clicks?
  • Do you really want to waste your resources organizing workflow when TO3000 and Projetex can do most of the routine?

With AnyCount, TO3000, and Projetex, you can spend more time with your family and your cat (not CAT tools). Stay vigilant, everyday superheroes!

The first 22 translators get a 55% discount. Hurry!

P.S. Why 22? Why 55? In Ghostbusters Movie (1984), Dana Barrett and Louis Tully both lived on the 22nd floor of 55 Central Park West, sometimes called “Spook Central.” The Cult of Gozer created there the super-conductive antenna to open the portal for the ancient Sumerian God of destruction.

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