Last Call! Catch your translation management train

Catch your translation management train

Last Call! Catch your translation management train

Hello there,

Machine translation, anyone?

‘Good enough’ translation?

Crowd translation?

No, we are not into these ‘politically sensitive’ topics. Yet… 😊

But the industry is changing, and starting from the next month, we will start releasing the new versions of our great products with:

  1. New features.
  2. New interface.
  3. New pricing model. Pricing will be based on the monthly charge, which will help us plan new releases and speed up the development.

We’re sure you will love it as it will help you plan your expenses more easily.

Still, as we are ‘user-centered’ company, we are making the ‘last call’ for ‘old school’ licensing lovers. Moreover, we add a lot of benefits back from that #BlackFriday deal.

So… what’s in the box?

This week only you can buy 

Owned License for AnyCount, TO3000 or Projetex and:

  • Keep your current version of the product running FOREVER;
  • Extend your current license with 1 year of support for free;
  • Get lucrative custom pricing for updates and upgrades;
  • Grow your translation business;
  • Be awesome with your word count, finances, and marketing.

and use that Black Friday deal of 70% discount.

Just push the button and enjoy the benefits. It’s a great time to add more licenses to your Projetex or upgrade to the most recent versions of Translation Office 3000 or AnyCount. Users of the latest versions will get most benefits when switching to the new pricing model.

If you are not happy with any of the products during 90 days after their purchase, just write to us and we will make a refund, no questions asked.

Volodymyr Pedchenko

Yours in translation,


AIT Software Development Team


P.S. Many years ago, I founded the AIT Software Development Team with the 3 main purposes in mind:

  • to help translators focus on translation, not administration, 
  • ease accounting routine,
  • bring more income to freelance business or profits to corporate business.

Feel free to let me know how we’re doing in these areas by e-mail.

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