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Let brand new AceProof help you with proofreading

We love translation just as much as you do But we do not love tedious tasks, like invoicing and accounting. This was solved by Translation Office 3000 a long time ago. So, our scouts continued to search for routine tasks to automate in the translator’s workflow. And they found the task of proofreading! Not proofreading […]

S*x sells. But good translation sells better

What’s the secret behind perfect marketing translation? Translating marketing materials as general copy is like taking an original Vincent van Gogh, “The Starry Night,” and making a copy on a copy machine. True professionals know all these traps and pitfalls. They are culturally sensitive and understand how marketing texts work. They know that marketing translation […]

In Love with Translation

Do you know that it’s Saint Valentine’s Day today? An interesting fact is that, in Japan, one small translation mistake led to a Valentine’s Day tradition.   In the land of the rising sun, it is the women who give men chocolate: and not just to their loved one, but to nearly every man in […]

Let’s Celebrate Business Translation Day!

We continue to move forward through the translator’s calendar, and it is now time to devote our attention to the essential work of business translators. Translators make an invaluable contribution to enabling a business to become global, and it’s a thing! Business translation helps companies to facilitate overseas business partnerships and expand their market reach […]

Personal time-tracking tool adds more value to translators’ time and helps them earn more

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, January 17, 2018—Advanced International Translations (AIT) has just released ExactSpent 3D, the latest version of ExactSpent, the personal time-tracking software for freelance translators. ExactSpent was created to help freelance translators count their time spent on a particular translation job, thus assisting them to accurately determine the value of the work performed, the equivalent […]

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Santa brings early holiday joy to hardworking translators

There are only 10 days left until Christmas, and Santa Claus together with the AIT team are ready to bring early holiday joy to hardworking translators. We would like to wish all translation project managers, in-house and freelance translators, quality assurance experts, proofreaders, editors, and translation students around the world peace, joy, and all the […]

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French Version of “Translator’s Calendar” is Available

Thanks to Evelyna Radoslavova ( the French version of “translator’s calendar” is available. Download and print out the calendar for the new translation year. Download Calendar If you would like to translate it into your own language, contact Tetiana at 

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