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A modern and easy-to-use translation quality assurance tool.

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All versions of AceProof give access to the essential functions developed specially for translators, editors, and proofreaders.

– Check documents in the following formats: DOC(X), RTF, XLS(X), HE (Helium), TMX, TTX, XLF, XLZ, SDLXLIFF, MQXLIFF, and MQXLZ.

– Detect inconsistencies between similar translation items.

– Catch common formatting errors:
  • Consecutive spaces
  • Consecutive punctuation marks
  • Differences in punctuation
  • Spaces in front of punctuation marks
  • Discrepancies in HTML and XML tags
  • Detect inconsistent capitalization.

– Find untranslated words and phrases.

– Identify content where the source and target have different lengths.

– Export the analysis results to XLSX or PDF.

– Customize the appearance of your program and reports.


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