Translation Cyber Monday Friendship Party Extended!

People say that smart effectiveness tools are translators’ best friends, and they are right. You can rely on your robofriend when you need to deal with finances, prepare for a meeting with a client or count a huge number of words for translation order in a PDF document. 

We extend Cyber Monday to let you make a new robofriend! Here are a few reasons why it is a good idea:

1) Robowordcount with AnyCount

Use AnyCount to count words in 70 file formats, including PDF, PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF recognition – using a new OCR engine. This symbiosis of translator and AnyCount robot will help you save time and earn more money.

Word count with AnyCount

2) Invoices robomanagement with TO3000

The TO3000 robot will help you create, send and manage your invoices more effectively, and get paid on time. Free up more time to focus on the development of your translation business.  

Invoices robomanagement with TO3000

3) Prospects and clients robomanagement with Projetex

The Projetex robot will help you communicate with prospects efficiently, turn them into clients, provide better service and win more translation contracts. 

Prospects and clients robomanagement with Projetex

4) Error robocontrol with AceProof

AceProof robot will help you provide 100% accurate translation, through 34 verifications in 5 groups of errors. No one is perfect, neither robots nor humans. But together, we can achieve outstanding results in translation, and in the translation business.  

Quality assurance with AceProof

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Hurry, the deal will lose its battery power at midnight, December 8.

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