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Looking for Word Count, Character Count, or Line Count?

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What do content writers, copywriters, and translators have in common? They create a stream of income through the art of working with written words. If you are in the same boat and your profit depends on every character that you produce, you need a convenient, elegant way to estimate the amount of work you have performed (or will perform). AnyCount is a word count software that allows you to do that in the most appropriate way, and here is why.

Count in 37 file formats

AnyCount is a word count software to count the characters, words, lines, or pages in your text in 37 file formats. The software will of course help you count words across core file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or Power Point. The tool also will assist you with more advanced formats such as PDF, HTML, help files, ZIP, or RAR-archived documents. And if one day you get a photocopy from your client asking you to estimate a volume of work, you will not be caught unprepared, since AnyCount counts the number of words in images.

The list of supported formats

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio)


HTML+, Help and other


Open Office and Text files


Images and PDF



Use all cores of your PC to count words

AnyCount has a secret weapon. It uses all available computer cores to count words or characters in a heartbeat. As you may know, most modern computers have 4 cores, and AnyCount runs 4 different operations at once, applying “multi-core processing.” This unique feature speeds up your system, and you need less time to count content in thousands of documents than to make a cup of coffee.



Select various count units

With AnyCount you can adjust the units for calculation to the standards of your country. Count characters with or without spaces, or the number of words per line or lines per page.



Count words in specific parts of a document

AnyCount can reveal text in the relevant parts of a document by crawling through headers, footers, comments, hidden text, and embedded and linked objects. AnyCount will help you to maximize you earnings—other word counters don’t notice many characters you may want to charge for.

Also, you are free to change setting options and define the section of the document that must or must not be counted.



Grab text from the web

Whether you write content for websites or translate them, you may need a word count tool for content appearing on the internet. AnyCount can do this. All you need to do is to open the software, click the “Add from web” button, and insert a link into the appropriate field.

By imposing a depth limitation, AnyCount can restrict the number of pages you need to count. If you want to count words from the inserted link only, enter “1” into the “Depth Limit” box. If you want the program to do a word count of links on the specified page, then enter depth limit “2” or more. You can also adjust settings to count meta descriptions, meta keywords, titles, alt text, and form controls in HTM and HTML files.



Count in any language

You can calculate characters in any language, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic. Count characters and words in both the Roman and Cyrillic alphabets even in PDF files and images, something other programs can’t do.

Count words in different ways

Upload one or more files to AnyCount by using  the “Add Files” button. If you need to get results immediately, you can use the Windows context menu. To do that, right-click on the desired files and choose the “Add to AnyCount” and “Count” commands.



Create client database

With the AnyCount Enterprise Edition you can work with client databases: create and modify customer records, contact information, payment terms, and VAT numbers. You can even adjust the locale format for clients from various countries so that it will be applied when you create invoices.



Charge for your work

Enterprise Edition allows you to create invoices based on the results of the count. You are free to customize the information: adjust price (charge per characters, lines, pages, or words), specify various currencies, or add discounts or markups. You can also benefit from a set of templates that you can easily edit and then print out in a final version.



View results in a suitable format

We have come up with several options to view counting results. You can explore detailed statistics by file format in the customizable summary table. Export data and save the document with the results in the most appropriate file format (HTML, DOC, RTF, XLS, or PDF). If you need a hard copy of this information, click the “Print” button.

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